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IPv6 bei Versatel kommt

Im Februar hatte ich im VersaLab vorgeschlagen, daß Versatel IPv6 für ihre Kunden anbieten könnte.

Der Vorschlag wird im nächsten Jahr umgesetzt. Das wird für IPv6 auch höchste Zeit.

Schön, wenn man was bewegen kann. Oder zumindest das Gefühl hat. ;-)

HE IPv6 Certification

I am currently running the Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification test.

rblsmtpd IPv6 patch

This is a patch against rblsmtpd.c that bypasses the DNSBL checks if the connection is IPv6 based.

This is simply due to the fact that there are currently no IPv6 enabled DNSBLs and looking up an IPv6 address has not been specified.

In the future the patch could be changed to reverse the IPv6 address in the nibble format used for ip6.arpa. lookups.

Greylisting for qmail with IPv6 support

I have been using the greylisting implementation for qmail from
http://shupp.org/ which is based on the implementation for exim from

I wanted to add IPv6 support and found no references on the web
regarding greylisting and IPv6 (at least no implementation
mentioning IPv6).

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