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Greylisting for SPAMCONTROL

SPAMCONTROL is a patch to qmail by Erwin Hoffmann and others that adds many missing features to qmail when run as an Internet facing MTA in todays online world.

rblsmtpd IPv6 patch

This is a patch against rblsmtpd.c that bypasses the DNSBL checks if the connection is IPv6 based.

This is simply due to the fact that there are currently no IPv6 enabled DNSBLs and looking up an IPv6 address has not been specified.

In the future the patch could be changed to reverse the IPv6 address in the nibble format used for ip6.arpa. lookups.

rblsmtpd message & ip patch

This is a patch against rblsmtpd from ucspi-tcp 0.88 that allows to set a $RBLMESSAGE environment variable (e.g. in /etc/tcp.smtp).

The content of the variable will be prepended to the string that is returned by querying the various DNSBLs.

This can be used e.g. to add contact info to the SMTP error message the sender receives.


I have made several patches for qmail.

To ease with development and organization of the patches I created a github repo with a branch for every major patch.

Please see the links at the bottom of this page for more details.

Greylisting for qmail with IPv6 support

I have been using the greylisting implementation for qmail from
http://shupp.org/ which is based on the implementation for exim from

I wanted to add IPv6 support and found no references on the web
regarding greylisting and IPv6 (at least no implementation
mentioning IPv6).

qmail recipients extension

Erwin Hoffmann has written a recipients extension for qmail (see http://www.fehcom.de/qmail/qmail.html) and I contributed a generator script for the recipients database.

In the meantime my script has been improved by Frank Tegtmeyer and has been re-published on http://fte.tegtmeyer.net/djbware/recipients_addresses.html.

qmail-remote auth patch


I made this patch because my ISP switched to AUTH LOGIN on his SMTP
relay. It is very quick'n'dirty and works only for AUTH LOGIN. I just
needed that. It is based on the non-working qmail-remote AUTH patch on
www.qmail.org/top.html and the qmail-smtpd auth patch from
http://members.elysium.pl/brush/qmail-smtpd-auth/. You need base64.c and
base64.h from that patch because my implementation uses the b64encode function
provided there.

It works for me, no guarantee...

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