Relaunch got an optical and technical update.

I wanted to have a cleaner site and especially the blocks with my RSS feeds on the bottom below the content area.

A new theme named Acquia Marina was found and quite fits my needs and liking. It looks clean and professional, fills all the screen's width and was easy to configure.

The technical update was long waiting as I was slacking behind some rounds of core and modules updates. I did them all at once without having an issue.

Send articles from Google Reader to Diaspora

I just came across an article that describes how to setup a custom "Send To" site in Google Reader that allows you to share interesting stuff on Google+.

I already have a bookmarkelt for my Diaspora pod that allows me to share stuff to Diaspora.

So, why not combine the two?


My public Diaspora postings can be found here:

They will be syndicated to Twitter and on this page, too.

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